The Simula Garage has granted the status of Entrepreneur in Residence to a selected few, highly skilled individuals. In addition to being technology-savvy experts they are also experienced business people and entrepreneurs. Our Entrepreneurs in Residence are part of our community and are here to share their experience and give advise on the technology development to startups in The Simula Garage.

Most importantly, however, is the work these entrepreneurs do together with Simula’s researchers: The Entrepreneurs in Residence work alongside Simula’s researchers to identify commercial applications of research. They then lead technology commercialisation activities with the aim of spinning out new companies or engaging in other forms of commercial joint ventures.

Put simply, the Entrepreneurs in Residence are given unfettered access to the researchers and our technologies to find out if there are commercial opportunities, and are then encouraged to lead the formation of new companies. Simula will, based on negotiations, then transfer intellectual property and resources to facilitate the development of the new ventures.

Entrepreneurs in Residence are typically recruited by invitation only, but if you are interested in learning more about the initiative you can contact Christian Bjerke.


Our current Entrepreneurs in Residence