Technology startups need funding to develop their products and grow as a company. They need to find investors willing to take risks and invest in company equity or funding bodies willing to fund early-stage projects. Startups also need partners and mentors who take an active role in supporting them.

At The Simula Garage, whether you need private capital or public funding, we can help you get it.


Private capital

Private capital is often essential to realize rapid technology development and company growth. From Simula’s experience, smart money is what really matters and we have a large network of investors who combine deep technological insight with an understanding of business and sales.

Simula’s subsidiary Simula Innovation is an early-stage investor (pre-seed and seed phase) that invests in teams with deep technological understanding and a commercial edge. Simula also invests equity through Innovation Norway’s pre-seed funding scheme. In total, The Simula Garage offers various ways of providing equity to companies in need of funding.


Public funding

The Simula Garage is all about realizing ambitious technological and commercial goals. We have a strong track record in supporting our companies in attracting public funding to realize technical challenges. This provides funding for research and development projects in the company without diluting the entrepreneur’s ownership.

Furthermore, participating in research and development projects with Simula’s research groups is a powerful way of networking and building strong links with one of the world’s leading research institutions. We assist entrepreneurs with developing their projects and proposals for funding and have a strong track record in supporting companies to attract soft funding (Innovation Norway, EU Horizon 2020 SME instrument, and more).