What The Simula Garage is

Do you have a great idea? Are you eager to implement it and build a business around it? Do you want to keep all the rights to your idea? If so, The Simula Garage (or Gründergarasjen in Norwegian) may be the place for you. The purpose of The Simula Garage is to provide a working and breathing space for technology entrepreneurs who want to turn ideas into successful businesses.

The Simula Garage is a technical competence centre within ICT and innovation, for technology-intensive startups and researchers. Whether to work on your code, discuss ideas with your co-founders, conduct research, or develop your business, The Simula Garage is a place for you to get things done.


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It is free – like in really free – like you don’t pay anything – got it?
— Aslak Tveito, Professor and CEO of Simula Research Laboratory AS

What you get


A place to work

The Simula Garage is an initiative from Simula Research Laboratory that gives ambitious entrepreneurs the possibility to work in a free office space in co-location with other entrepreneurs. As a member of The Simula Garage you will have a place to develop your ideas into prototypes and a viable business.



Technology startups need funding to develop their products and grow as a company. They need to find investors willing to take risks and invest in company equity or funding bodies willing to fund early-stage projects. Startups also need partners and mentors who take an active role in supporting them. Whether you need private capital or public funding, we can help you get it.


One of the main challenges a startup team usually faces is how to pursue its message in a clear and convincing way. At The Simula Garage, we have the resources to help with specific questions related to legal issues, intellectual property rights, business development, writing applications for funding, and pitching your company to investors.




A free co-working space may sound alluring to most freshly minted startups, but The Simula Garage offers much more than free working space. We are more of a technical competence centre than a traditional startup hub. Being located in a highly recognized ICT research facility, our entrepreneurs are given the chance to communicate, network, and potentially collaborate with Simula’s acknowledged researchers.


To achieve good results, it is important to have a certain sense of belonging to your workspace and your activities therein. At The Simula Garage, we want our entrepreneurs to feel welcome and included, not least by making our premises attractive and comfortable to startups as well.


Hosted by a leading research centre

Simula Research Laboratory AS is an internationally leading research centre, with a strong footprint in the fields of applied mathematics as well as information and communication technologies. Recent evaluations (2017) have shown that all of Simula’s research groups are “excellent”.


Also hosted by Norway's third largest university

Oslo Metropolitan University / OsloMet (former Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences) is Norway's third largest university, and offers educational programs and conducts research within health and social services, education, and public administration, media, design, arts, and technical and business administrative positions in business and industry.


Why it is free

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Well, at The Simula Garage, the lunch isn’t free, but it is subsidized. Simula Research Laboratory, which runs and hosts the Garage, is a limited company owned by the Norwegian State through the Ministry for Education and Research. We have a public mandate to support innovation activities and help promising tech companies to develop and grow. The Simula Garage is supported by the county municipality of Akershus and Simula also diverts considerable resources into the operations of the Garage. Consequently, we have been able to maintain the Garage as a free service while delivering highly sought-after expertise.

The Garage is an important part of the Simula community and has injected a solid dose of entrepreneurial spirit and dedication into the academic units. The Simula Garage provides great benefits for Simula and has also been a source of promising investments for our subsidiary Simula Innovation.


Want to know more?

Want to know more about The Simula Garage?

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Criteria for applying

We set the following minimum criteria:

  • The company must be within the field of information and communication technologies (ICT).
  • A core feature of the company’s business must involve technology development.
  • The company must be early stage.

You can also apply if you have not yet founded the company (we can help you do that).