Mentoring and services

One of the main challenges a startup team usually faces is how to manage risk and communicate the business idea in a clear and convincing way. At The Simula Garage, we have resources to help with specific questions related to legal issues, intellectual property rights, business development, writing applications for funding, and pitching your company to investors.


business development

At The Simula Garage, we support you in developing your ideas and technology, and growing your company. There are many loud voices giving advice on how to succeed with your company and how to “conquer the world.” At Simula, we take a different approach. Instead of lecturing about the one or two strategies we think you should pursue, we are interested in listening to you and discussing your ideas with you. We have a great deal of experience in turning technologies into growing businesses and are eager to share our insights. Fundamentally, at Simula, you will find a deeply rooted respect for you and your ideas. We have world-class researchers, a strong industrial network, and tech-savvy investors in our community. Our aim is to help you partner up with the right expertise for you. As an entrepreneur, you are the most important actor and we believe that your company is best supported through building competence and experience in your team.

Expert feedback on the issues that matter

Startups have different needs and we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to company development. Our preferred model to support competence development in our startups is through our so-called “Expert Feedback Sessions.” The topics for these sessions are decided in dialogue with the entrepreneurs at The Simula Garage and consist of a plenary talk with an invited expert. After the plenary, three to five companies receive a one-on-one feedback from the expert on the same topic, focused on the individual company. This ensures that we provide introductory lectures on important issues, as well as deep feedback for the companies selected for individual feedback. Previous topics have included sales/pitch training, business development and growth, as well as issues related to technology.

Legal advice

It is crucial to have solid agreements in place and a clear setup of the company from the start to facilitate growth of your company and reduce unnecessary risk. As an entrepreneur at The Simula Garage, you will once a month and at no cost have the opportunity to get legal advice from an experienced IT entrepreneur, former CEO of Norway's largest social media platform, and lawyer from the Oslo law firm Berngaard/Sandbek.


We have in-house resources and a solid working relationship with leading law firms that can help you with various legal and paralegal issues that you are bound to encounter when building your company. As a member of The Simula Garage, you will gain access to legal templates that are designed to protect your idea, your company's and its shareholders' interests, to make you better prepared when negotiating deals and seeking legal advice.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

At Simula, we assist you in protecting your ideas and we have a patent engineer as part of our team. Successful technology companies are aware of IPR issues and protect their core technologies. Our assistance is not limited to patenting but also includes mentoring on licensing agreements, project agreements, and support on interacting with customers or third-party actors. Most importantly, we can advise on how to complement your tech development activities with IPR activities. A strong patent portfolio increases the valuation of your company and, if you are aiming to exit your company in the future, strong patents are a major driver of valuation and attractiveness.